What are the benefits of using Canape for mattresses?

The canapé is a structure that serves as a support to the mattress. It is formed by a smooth surface that sits on a metal structure and has wooden sides.

The canapé is upholstered with a decorative purpose. Most of them are used under the mattress, with a functional purpose. For this, there is a type of canapé with drawers and another type, the folding canopy, the most frequent, which by means of a set of pistons, rises together with the mattress, revealing a useful chest for storing clothes.

The surface of the canapé is usually rigid, consisting of an upholstered wooden board. However, canapés with bed base have recently been offered, that is, a structure with flexible sheets that adapts to the movements of the body. All this, together with a quality mattress, will facilitate the desired rest.

Why buy a canapé and what are its benefits?

– Improvement, if possible, the qualities of our mattress, providing firmness and adaptability.

– The canapé is breathable. The air can easily circulate between the fibers of the fabric of its cover, allowing the mattress to perspire correctly.

– Its installation is easy and fast.

– Provides space savings, otherwise, the low beds are unused.

– It’s very hygienic. With aspirating the dust and passing a damp cloth we will have it’s interior and also it’s exterior clean.

– Durability. It is proven that the canapé has a more durable life compared to other types of bases since its subjection to the ground is greater and more complete.

– It brings elegance and also, with the variety of models that exist in the market, it is combinable with the mattress or with the furniture of the room.

Of course, a good base without a good mattress does not guarantee a good rest and the qualities of it are wasted.

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